How To Properly Care For Your Brand New Pair Of Barber Scissors

How To Properly Care For Your Brand New Pair Of Barber Scissors

Compared to many other occupations, barbers need a few instruments to do their job. They don't drive up to the job site in a pick-up truck piled high with equipment that will make them more productive. Nope, all that's required to be a barber is high-quality pair of shears or scissors. If you are interested in purchasing a power tool, it is simple to determine which one or two brands are considered to be the best.

However, there is such a wide variety of barber scissors available today that it may take some work to determine which pair of shears you will stick with for years of daily usage and which pair you will abandon after just a few short months.

When you do routine maintenance on your barber scissors, you can guarantee that you will receive the finest performance from them every day and that they will last as long as possible.

Tension Your Barber Scissors

Checking the tension on your barber scissors at the beginning of each day before beginning work is one of most critical things you can do for your business. If you have the right tension on your scissors, they might be protected, and you could injure your hand or wrist.

You check the tension by holding the scissors in a vertical position and bringing one handle up until it is nearly completely stretched. Release your grip on the handle; the tension is too low if the door fully shuts. The strain is too much if you can get it shut. Adjust the tension using the adjuster, and then do another test.

If you experience any resistance when cutting hair, you should immediately stop what you're doing and check the tension in the scissors. If you use the scissors in a too-tight position, you risk doing lasting harm to them.

Daily Cleaning

Use soft dry towel to wipe any leftover moisture from scissors and any hair pieces that may have been stuck to the scissors. Instead of putting them on a bench or in a drawer where they might be damaged, you should place them back into a clean case after they have been cleaned and dried.

If a customer comes in with grit or sand in their hair, you need to ensure that after the haircut, you get rid of any remnants of the substance on your scissors. Better still, if you encounter customers with dirty hair, be prepared with an old pair of scissors so that you don't have to put your nice scissors in danger. Any particles may harm or dull your costly scissors.

Sharpening Your Scissors

Your hair scissors will need to be sharpened anywhere from once every three months to once every twelve months, depending on how often you use them. barber scissor, in comparison to professional hairdressing scissor, often need sharpening on a more frequent basis. In contrast, most hairdressers will spend part of their day doing other services, such as hair coloring treatments and blow waves, that do not need them to use scissors. Barbers, on the other hand, spend the whole of their working day cutting hair using scissors.